Innerchild Love

Parents, teach your children they are divine. For if children knew their true lineage, how might the world be today? To often children are ignored or socially conditioned and believed to hold little knowledge. When in fact, and indeed, children possess a highly accelerated intellectual ability. So much do that cognitive function regress over time due to a lack of usage. For example, if you have the energy to walk across a field every day and do so, then the possibility of your ability to walk across the declining would be little. But, if you become lazy and stop walking across the field the active portion of energy to walk the area would decrease enthusiastically. We want to know our full potential, yet it takes so long to open a portion of it because we are taught to the best of the ability of our parents. The information is limited to what the world and their parents taught them. Yes, we are born Thru the human vessel but when are we conscious? Are we aware of the dense world we live in? Are we conscious before birth? Do the conscious lay dormant? Is it active until repressed by fear constructs enveloped in society? Maybe we should consider the perfect child that lives in each and every one of us and the gifts it possesses. Most baggage that stayed with us throughout adulthood is from childhood traumas or ordeals. If we consider and raise our children as sacred, imagine what the world could be tomorrow.

With heartfelt love,


Author: Farsighted Analytics Research

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